December a demonstration of the lateral thinking initiative is planned in Dresden

At the same time, the Association of Cities sees the municipalities’ primary goal of keeping schools and day-care centers open “” if it is somehow responsible. “” Jung, who is also mayor of Leipzig, advocates masking compulsory for all students aged 13 and over in this context . Age. The SPD politician criticized the many different regulations in the federal states. “” I think that the subject of school is shirked and fussed around. “” Clear rules are needed on clear threshold values ​​that should apply to all federal states.

According to the Association of Cities, it is currently crucial to reduce public contact in the fight against the pandemic. This is mainly done at the expense of the closed gastronomy, cultural institutions and sports clubs, explained Jung. It is therefore right and important that those affected are adequately compensated.

In general, the Association of Cities considers the continuation of the partial lockdown to contain the corona pandemic to be right. “”There is no alternative. The infection curve is muted, but it is still a very, very serious situation, “explained Jung. However, he also stressed that the municipalities needed a strategy for the coming months. “” We would like to see such a perspective for the next meeting between the Chancellor and the Prime Minister. “”

In addition, the President of the City Council called for a political debate on the appropriate relationship between the right of assembly and health protection. He considers a step-by-step plan to be useful, in which the level of infection regulates the size of the gathering and also the locations of the rallies. Mass demonstrations in the inner cities with such restrictive measures did not go together. He described the gatherings of thousands of people as “” unrestrained exploitation of the right to demonstrate “”. It would “” ridicule those who strive intensely to protect the weakest in solidarity.

Customs and the federal police searched a total of 130 apartments, business premises and tax offices in 13 federal states on Wednesday. The background to this are investigations by the Görlitz public prosecutor’s office into illegal employment in the care industry, as the main customs office in Dresden announced. In Poland, the public prosecutor’s office scrutinized the homes and companies of the three main suspects. She and the 71 contract brokers in Germany are said to have smuggled in foreigners commercially and illegally, withheld wages, embezzled and not paid an estimated 14 million euros in social security contributions.

Around 1,000 officials were involved in the operation. They secured data carriers, contract and personnel and financial accounting documents as well as firearms, ammunition, almost 60,000 euros and cash in other currencies as well as around one kilogram of gold with an estimated value of several tens of thousands of euros.

The Görlitz public prosecutor’s office is also investigating almost 1,400 cases, primarily against Ukrainians for illegal residence. They are said to have worked as carers on behalf of Polish companies – without a permit and probably without the necessary training. As a rule, they were recruited by Polish companies in their home country and then almost always employed in the field of wage dumping in Germany. “According to the current status of the investigation, the Polish companies have established a nationwide network geared towards profit over time.” “

Leipzig was in the focus twice nationwide with rallies, some of which were chaotic, by opponents of the corona measures and counter-demonstrators. On Thursday (10 a.m.) the Left Party parliamentary group asked for information in the state parliament. Interior Minister Roland Wöller (CDU) is to answer questions from their representatives in the regular, closed meeting of the Interior Committee. The German Press Agency summarizes the current status of the processing.

WHAT CONSEQUENCES WERE FROM THE 7.11. DRAWN ?: During the “” lateral thinking “” demo, massive violations of Corona requirements brought the Saxon judiciary, the assembly authorities, the courts and the police into need of explanation. Just a few days later, the state government limited the number of participants at meetings to a maximum of 1,000 people. However, the AfD announced that it would examine legal steps against the tightened assembly rules. Otherwise there were mutual accusations and demands for resignation. The events in Leipzig led the Saxon coalition into a serious crisis of confidence. So far, however, there have been no personal consequences either in the police leadership or in the ministries.

WHAT WAS DIFFERENT TWO WEEKS LATER ?: For November 21st, the police and city administration announced that they would systematically punish violations of the conditions. The protest meeting against the Corona measures was bordered with bars and the participants were controlled at the entrance. When the place with 500 people had reached its maximum capacity, the police blocked the entrance. The rally leader withdrew his registration after his “” incomplete mask release certificate “” was not accepted. In the evening, however, the situation became confusing again at times when unsanctioned spontaneous meetings took place.

HOW DO POLITICS EVALUATE THE SECOND DEMO ?: Mayor Burkhard Jung (SPD) then spoke of a “cat and mouse game”. The situation was very different from the Leipzig “” lateral thinking “” demonstration two weeks earlier. Jung emphasized that there was a well-coordinated strategy between the police and the assembly authorities. The Greens, the SPD and the Left emphasized that the consistent access controls, the strict limitation of the number of participants and the heavy police presence had worked. The left criticized that the emergency services had nevertheless sometimes seemed overwhelmed and without a concept.

WHAT’S STILL NOT GOING GOOD: Hundreds of critics of the Corona policy marched through the city without any distance or mask. The Left Party also criticized the fact that the participants were not sanctioned even after an unauthorized lift. The Leipzig CDU condemned the demonstrations in general. Any large gathering of people is currently a “” potential spreader, “said spokesman Eric Buchmann. The Greens are demanding an overall concept from the Ministry of the Interior and the police force in dealing with “” anti-democratic protests by opponents of the Corona measures “”.

THIS IS PLANNED: A draft of the Ministry of Health for the new Corona Protection Ordinance provides for stricter restrictions if the incidence value of 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is exceeded on site for five days. Then the number of participants in demonstrations and gatherings should be limited to a maximum of 200. Currently, however, the cities of Dresden and Leipzig, in which the largest demonstrations took place, are below the value of 200. On Friday, the cabinet wants to decide in a special meeting on new corona protective measures for the Free State. A demonstration of the “lateral thinking” initiative is planned in Dresden on December 12th.

THIS IS HOW THE DIFFERENT DEMONSTRATION GROUPS CONDUCT: The action network “Leipzig takes a seat” called for counter-protests against “lateral thinking” “at both demos. Large or historic places in Leipzig were filled with their own rallies early on for November 21. “” We closely monitor the situation in social networks and chat groups and see who wants to do what in Leipzig and when. And if certain groups are planning something again in Leipzig, we will react, “” said Irena Rudolph-Kokot from the action network. But it is not planned to occupy the places with your own demonstrations every weekend. According to the public order office in Leipzig, there were no registrations for meetings from one of the two camps by the middle of the week.

The handball players of the SC DHfK Leipzig have not won the Bundesliga for the fourth time in a row. At HBW Balingen-Weilstetten, however, coach André Haber’s team won a 20:20 (9: 9) remis on Thursday evening. Four days after the Leipzig team had lost a three-goal lead in the final phase in the home game against Lemgo (32:32), this time they made a point from being 18:20 behind. The best throwers of the SC DHfK were Lucas Krzikalla, Marko Mamic and Philipp Weber with four goals each.

Leipzig found it extremely difficult on the offensive. After 25 minutes they only had five goals – also because they had missed two seven meters – but with an energetic intermediate sprint they managed to equalize 9: 9 before the break. The guests did not find their rhythm in the second half either, but earned the point with dedicated defensive work.

Temperatures around freezing point, plus an icy breeze from the northeast: If you follow certain clichés, the external conditions for the Norwegian Alexander Sörloth on Saturday (3:30 p.m. / Sky) are almost perfect to finally score his first goal for RB Leipzig. Basically only the snow is missing. In addition, there is an opponent in Arminia Bielefeld with six defeats in a row, so that one can ask oneself against whom Sörloth wants to score, if not against the newcomer.

“” His start with us wasn’t that great and maybe the player will start pondering, “said coach Julian Nagelsmann on Friday, emphasizing that it is primarily Sörloth himself. “” There are simply adjusting screws that he can turn himself, which has nothing to do with tactics. He must implement that as quickly as possible. As a striker, the principle is simple: if you score, the knot usually bursts. “”

For 20 million euros, Leipzig got rid of the Norwegian international after weeks of negotiations between owner Crystal Palace and loan club Trabzonspor. The club’s marketing department celebrated the giant as “” King of the North “”, celebrating as if one had caught a significantly better player than the fan-favorite Timo Werner who had migrated.

Sörloth has so far failed to provide evidence alone. He had plenty of opportunities – but not in front of goal, but opportunities for coach Nagelsmann. “” Of course you always hope for the maximum that a player can get along quickly and build on his goal rate, “” said the 33-year-old.

But in nine games for Leipzig so far, the 24-year-old has neither goal nor template in the statistics. Sports director Markus Krösche only asked for patience during the week. It is difficult to integrate the new players when you have hardly any training. “” They will be very, very valuable to us, “emphasized Krösche, also referring to the other offensive misfires Hee-chan Hwang and Justin Kluivert.

The fact that the focus is so much on Sörloth may on the one hand be due to the fact that he just flown in as a king transfer in Saxony. And possibly also because his compatriot Erling Haaland had refused a Leipzig transfer and is now producing goals for Dortmund in piecework. Norway’s former star striker Jan-Åge Fjörtoft suffers with Sörloth. “” Alexander just needs that damn first goal! I can’t look inside his head. But I can imagine what’s going on in him, “” said Fjörtoft of the “Bild” “(Friday) and was optimistic:” “Leipzig saw potential in him. And Julian Nagelsmann will get that out of him. “”

Fjörtoft also sees the transfer fee of 20 million euros paid for Sörloth as an inhibiting factor. The 53-year-old drew parallels with his own career. “” I went to the Premier League in 1993 and was the most expensive player of all time for my club Swindon Town. That was a backpack. You may be thinking too much about that. After one or two missed chances you think you’ll never score, “” said the 71-time international.

A driver was driving too fast in a 30 zone and was flashed. Without further ado, he packed the device. But the act did not go unnoticed.

A car driver in Saxon Switzerland took a speed camera away after the device caught him speeding up. The 52-year-old was flashed on Wednesday in a 30 zone in the small community of Struppen, the police said on Thursday.

The man then drove past the mobile device several times and finally packed it with the battery into his car. However, an employee of the district office observed this and addressed the 52-year-old.

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The man then locked his car and drove away. The police are now investigating the man for theft. The officers later secured the speed camera from him.

Sources used: dpa news agency

According to the Ministry of the Interior, there is no criminal network behind the resale of seized bicycles in and from the Leipzig Police Department. There is no evidence of structural corruption, said Interior Minister Roland Wöller (CDU) with reference to the “” Fahrradgate “” test report on Thursday in the state parliament in Dresden.

As a result, the administration of police evidence will be reorganized and standardized. After all criminal proceedings against the accused, including numerous officials, there will be personal consequences, announced Wöller.

The final report of the external special investigator was “” an essential contribution “” to the processing of the events around the meanwhile disbanded Zentrum Fahrrad in Leipzig. Wöller commissioned the former Attorney General Klaus Fleischmann with the internal examination of the processes in June after cheap sales of high-quality bicycles from the evidence collection to officials and their relatives had become public for years.

According to the ministry, the bicycles were given to a non-profit association, deliveries to other associations were faked and entries in the electronic database for bicycle registration were manipulated. At least 250 bikes have been sold to third parties, including many police officers, and probably over 5000 euros have been redeemed.

Organizational circumstances favored the illegal procedure, and the investigations into the criminal complaint by the Leipzig police in the summer of 2019 were “” not conducted with the necessary “” force. The late public information about the incidents is also criticized.

With a daring action, climate activists protested for the traffic turnaround in Saxony on Friday.