Tested on smooth ice. But as soon as you put on membrane thermal socks, everything becomes fine. The tread is not particularly toothy
I even found those same methane bubbles I tried it at the time of passing water. Even if you stand tapping your feet for half an hour) The boots immediately give a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Men’s boots Outventure Lightstep MID. Supplied in a box in the corporate style
Good for gliding. Up to minus 15-17C is quite a suitable option. Checking the Baikal ice and frost.

Far from the best, but the feeling that I could kill myself on the ice of Lake Baikal was not even close. I bought different types of thermal socks. About the sole.

The sole bends easily, the plastic is pressed through finger.
Moreover, in February it was the right time to view the same Baikal ice Well, it looks something like this on the leg
Weigh Side view In general, they don’t let you through even if you put your foot in a puddle. Greetings to all.
About the insulation, it is written on the label on the side of 200 grams with Add Warm technology Luckily, I didn’t have to stand on the trip.
Bots behave well when jumping on rocks. They are not climbers, but they hold on to the unevenness of the rocks quite well When I tried them on in the store, it felt like they were a little heavier than socks. The very first thing that caught my eye was the incredible lightness of these boots. Bought immediately. I bought them even before the start of winter, as an urban version up to -20C. I decided to share my experience with Outventure boots. At the same time, the leg was very comfortable. Tag label The maximum cold that I have experienced in these boots is -37C with socks from Columbia walking quite a warm shoe. About frosts. And in terms of comfort, socks are just a bomb – very comfortable.
The price has not changed
But if you stand for 15 minutes, your feet will already freeze There is a moment with sweating of the feet with ordinary socks, so I recommend wearing membrane thermal socks. After all, there is a lot of ice and rocks, and at the same time the frost was up to -37C.
The laces are located in the holes, and the two upper fastenings of the laces are in the form of metal loops TO LACES. no longer immune from drowning. And then it depends on your activity. So who is interested in affordable shoes from the sportsmaster, you are welcome. Back Not to say that she was very tenacious, but she definitely does not roll all the time. But then, quite by accident, it turned out to be driven on a tour to Lake Baikal, where I fully tested these boots. In general, the seller of the sportsmaster said that these boots will soon be taken out of production, so I recommend buying it right now. In frost, they calmly keep warm up to -20C, then you need to use thermal socks and do not stand. Inside they lie something like this There is a small gripe, it turns out that if worn with ordinary https://jiji.co.ke/repair-services/cooker socks for warmth, then the legs sweat.
There are labels
Front This rule works
Themselves are quite compact, fabric, with lacing They are enough for the season. They carefully hug the leg and are practically not felt on the leg. But everything that is colder rolls only with thermal socks and you can’t stand.
Foam insole Inside view All the best!